8 Top Makeup Brushes!

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Hi everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a brush junkie! I love my makeup brushes and I have so many because I believe a good brush can last forever and can make almost every product work.

All my brushes are from Real Techniques, Mac, Zoeva and Nilens Jord (a Danish cosmetic brand). I decided I wanted to share my favorite brushes for creating every look.

Face Brushes

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Left to right: Nilens Jord Powder Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush.

My powder brush is a big fluffy brush and it was actually the first “expensive” brush I got and I still use it every day for my powder. I think it’s important that a powder brush is big and soft.

My second brush is the Real Techniques blush brush, I love this brush for so many reasons! The brush is good for many different things because of the tapered end. It can be used for powder, it’s good for a soft contour because of the end, it’s also great for blush again because of the end and it’s actually good for finishing off with a highlight. This brush is also really soft, so definitely worth investing in!

Real Techniques buffing brush is just amazing for foundation, I don’t even know how I survived before I got it!

Zoeva 110 face shape brush is brilliant to push concealer into the skin around the places where you need some extra coverage and I think the bigger version Zoeva 102 Silk Finish would be brilliant for foundation.

Eyes Brushes

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Left to right: Mac 217, Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush, Real Techniques Crease Brush, Mac 209.

My Mac 217 was the first ever Mac brush I got and again I don’t know how I survived without it. I don’t feel like this brush needs much explanation, it’s so good for everything especially applying eyeshadow and blending!

Real Techniques base shadow brush is so good for applying eyeshadow and blending, I also really like this brush for cream products because of the synthetic bristles. I think I use this brush every time I do an eye look. 

Real Techniques crease brush is the best brush I have ever tried for under eye concealer, I just love this brush!

My Mac 209 is really good for applying eyeliner and I think if you like to wear winged eyeliner an eyeliner brush is necessary. I don’t own the Mac 210, but I have tried it and it’s really good as well, so look into that eyeliner brush too.

Which brushes are your favorite?

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  • http://www.ceejayell.blogspot.co.uk Carly Jade

    I don’t really own too many make up brushes, but my favourites are the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Silicone Liner :)


    • http://tanjamortensen.com/ Tanja Mortensen

      I haven’t tried the Silicone Liner brush yet, but I really want to!

  • Christine

    Godt indlæg :) Det er så vigtigt at have de rette “redskaber” når man skal ligge fin make-up :)


    • http://tanjamortensen.com/ Tanja Mortensen

      Mange tak, ja det er rigtig vigtigt :)

  • fandbtribes

    I’m loving zoeva brushes at the moment they are such good quality but so affordable


    • http://tanjamortensen.com/ Tanja Mortensen

      Totally agree, they are brilliant!

  • http://floraldanielle.blogspot.co.uk/ Dani M

    I absolutely love my buffing brush and crease brush by Real Techniques! :)
    I think I’m gonna have to try out the Zoeva brushes, everyone seems to love them!


    • http://tanjamortensen.com/ Tanja Mortensen

      I couldn’t live without my Real Techniques now :) Zoeva makes amazing brushes for the price so you should definitely try them.