Orofluido Review!

Hi everyone!

Do you know the brand Orofluido? It’s not as famous as other hair brands, like Macademia and Moroccanoil, but it’s good and that’s why I decided to a review on it today. A couple of years ago I got a little tester of the hair oil and it was actually my first ever try with hair oils. Now a few years later, I decided to invest in the full size shampoo, conditioner and hair oil and I’m so glad I did!


Perfect for dry scalp

I have been struggling with really dry scalp almost my entire life, I have tried different expensive hair care like Redken for dry scalp, KMS, Macadamia, BIO+ and Kérastase and nothing ever helped. In the end I got a shampoo from my doctor, which definitely took the worst, but it still wasn’t perfect. After getting Orofluido my scalp is finally in peace, I don’t have dry scalp anymore!


Ingredients in Orofludio

The Orofludio bottles are a beautiful gold color and the liquid inside is a beautiful gold color. The products are made from three different oils, Argan oil which is filled with vitamin E and makes the hair stronger and more silky, Cyperus oil which leaves the hair soft, smooth, flexible and gives volume and Linseed oil which gives the hair control and makes it beautiful shinny. The products have such a relaxing smell of vanilla, I just love the smell of them and every time I use them I feel so lucky!


If you haven’t tried any of the products I would really recommend them! They are great for dry hair and dry scalp and they have such a nice smell. You can start by trying the hair oil and see how you like that before investing in more products.

What are your favorite hair products, leave a comment below? 

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