Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection

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I know the Real Techniques limited edition duo fiber collection is old news. That’s exactly why I think they are relevant to talk about. These brushes are limited edition and have been out for so long, its beginning to be the end of buying them, so are they worth it?

real techniques duo-fiber brushes

I bought mine back in September on Amazon’s today’s deal. They were down from £23 to £16,99 for 15 minutes so I thought it was a great deal. When I first got them I was a bit disappointed because they don’t feel as nice as the rest of the Real Techniques brushes, they feel more cheap even though they are pretty expensive.

First impression

real techniques duo fiber collection

When I tried the brushes out I was kind of disappointed by them, but still not really. The reason I was so confused is that I’m not a huge fan of duo fiber brushes in general, I also have one from MAC that I’m not totally happy with. Duo fiber brushes leave a light finish which sometimes seems like nothing, but that’s what they promise so you can’t really be disappointed by that.

The duo fiber face brush

real techniques duo-fiber face brush

The brush is really soft. It feels nice on the skin and leaves a light finish because the duo fiber don’t pick up as much product. I don’t like this brush for powder because I want my skin to be matte and flawless. What I do like this brush for, is blush I’m not a huge fan of too much blush, so this is perfect!

The duo fiber contour brush

duo-fiber contour brush

The brush is as soft the face brush and leaves the same kind of finish. I don’t like this brush for its purpose, which is contour. It’s just not as good as the Real Techniques contour brush, but the duo fiber one is brilliant for highlighting. It’s perfect for the cheekbones and leaves a good amount of highlighter on them. If you are starting out with contour, it might be good to learn with.

The duo fiber eye brush

real techniques duo-fiber eye brush

The brush is a bit special, it’s not soft as the first two, it’s really small and doesn’t apply product very well. What I do find it useful for, is blending especially in the crease because it fits perfect there.

Should you buy the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection?

I’m glad I bought these brushes on sale and I don’t regret buying them. They are each good for individual things and you just need to be creative with them.

Do you own the collection and what are your thoughts on them?

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