Spring & Summer Nail Polishes!

Hi everyone!

Today I really wanted to do a blogpost on some of the spring and summer nail polishes I think everyone should own. I don’t think you should have exactly same nail polishes as I do, but just some in the same color range.

The Perfect Green

I definitely think everyone should have a gorgeous green pastel color. I have Essie Apple Mint Candy, which I love! I’m a huge fan of green and this color just covers everything you need for good weather and a happy day!

Going for Pink

I also think people should have pink nail polish to brighten up every look. I have Essie Lovie Dovie and I’m so happy with it, the perfect hot pink nail polish!

Staying with the pink tones I think a nude kind of pink is great too. It’s a nice color to have on your nails and it will work with everything outfit you choose. I have Tanya Burr Mini Marshmallows, which is the perfect color for me and my skin tone.

The Purple & Blue

A purple color is a must for me too. I love my Gosh purple nail polish, but this one was a limited edition nail polish so you can’t get it anymore, but I’m sure you can find a perfect one from Essie for your skin tone. My collection doesn’t include a blue color even though they are nice as well, but I just haven’t found my perfect blue nail polish yet and I think this purple one from Gosh covers my need for it.

Before ending, I just want to remind you the importance of a base coat. My base coat is from L’Oreal and I really like it. It’s actually not just a base coat it’s a Miracle Repair 7, which means you can use it for seven days without nail polish to repair your nails.

What colors do you think are a must for spring and summer?

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