Tanya Burr Lips And Nails Review!

Hi everyone!

Today is a review on Tanya Burr Lips and Nails! My package from Feelunique finally arrived on Friday after waiting forever! I ordered the same night the products went live on Feelunique and it took half a month to get here!


I was so excited to get the package! I ordered one nail polish Mini Marshmallows and one lipgloss Let’s Travel The World. Tanya Burr is probably my favorite Youtuber, so I was so excited when I heard she was releasing a budget friendly makeup brand. The collection is beautiful with so many nice colors and sweet names Tanya Burr did really well here!

Let’s Travel The World Lipgloss


The lipgloss is a gorgeous red color and it smells amazing, kind of like strawberries. It’s really easy to put on and you can build the color for a more vibrant look and it’s really easy to take off again. It’s great for everyday use on its own and if you are going out or just want more color, then it’s great with a red lipliner underneath. I really like the consistence of this lipgloss, it’s nice and smooth and not at all sticky, probably the best lipgloss I own!



Mini Marshmallows Nail Polish


The nail polish is a beautiful baby pink color, it’s shinny and it keeps its shine! I have been wearing this since Friday without base coat or top coat to see how it does on its own and so far it hasn’t chipped. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed by is the pigmentation in this color. I don’t know about the darker nail polish in the collection, but I had to use three thick coats to get an even look and it’s still see through. I also had a lot of problems getting it opened the first time, I had to ask my mom and brother to try, before finally getting pliers to do the job and at that point the top plastic cap was already off. Other than that it’s great a great color, great shine and the lasting power seems good too.


Have you tried any products in Tanya Burr’s collection and what did you think?

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  • Charlee Greenhalgh

    The nail polish looks gorgeous 🙂 It sucks about the pigmentation though, I like light colours but always want them to be dark when applying so I can’t see my nail through lol.


    • It is beautiful, but you are right about the part of not being able to see through the nail polish, I hate that you can see the nail through 🙂

  • Annalise Wong

    Oooh I love the nail polish color! I’ve been wanting a pink/nude color for spring. It’s subtle, yet girly. The lip gloss looks really pretty too! The packaging is so cute. I’ve actually never heard of her before, but I don’t follow too many youtubers. I get most makeup tips from blogs like yours : )


    • You should definitely check her out then, I really like Youtube, but as you said bloggers are a good way to get tips too. The nail polish hasn’t chip yet, so that’s good 🙂

  • Cate Elise

    Nail polish looks lovely! Definitely going to check these out when they hit Superdrug xx

    The perks of being a

  • I had the same problem opening the nail polish!! It was a pain but the actual nail vanish is lovely (I also picked mini marshmallows!) Lets Travel the World is on my wish list 🙂 Sophie Clare x

    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one having trouble with the nail polish! 🙂 It’s such a beautiful color, what do you think about the coverage? Lets Travel the World is so pretty 🙂

      • Yeah the coverage did need layers which I find is the case with most pale coloured nail vanishes! It really is I love a red lip! x

        • You are right 🙂 Red is such a beautiful color on the lips!

  • You should definitely get one 🙂

  • Paige Wallbank

    I really want to try these out! The nail polish looks adorable.
    Lovely blog sweetie

    http://www.paigespreferences.com xx

    • Thank you 🙂 You should, they are chip free as promised at least for around a week!

  • Rainbow

    I love your blog layout and design hun!
    Love this review <3
    Lots of love