Zoeva Brushes Review!

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to share my Zoeva Brushes Review with all of you today! First of all I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to makeup brushes, but that’s because I don’t care about expensive makeup as long as you got good brushes to work with!

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I have been wanting to try these brushes for so long, but I thought the delivery was a bit expensive €7,5 so when my friend and I both wanted to try them we decided to order together and share the delivery cost. We looked at a lot of pages to find the best prices and buying directly from Zoeva was just the most inexpensive solution!

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I got six brushes, where most of them are made from a combination of natural and synthetic hair. I have almost all the Real Techniques brushes, which are all synthetic and I really wanted some brushes with natural hair because they pick up pigment in another way.

 photo zoevabrushescollection_zpsa597877f.jpg

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From left I got number 105 (Luxe Highlighter), 110 (Face Shape), 227 (Soft Definer), 234 (Smokey Shader), 230 (Pencil) and 315 (Fine Liner).

The Luxe Highlighter and Face Shaper

All the brushes are unbelievable soft! The Luxe Highlighter is a tapered shaped brush, which makes it perfect for both highlighting and contouring.

The Face Shaper brush is actually made for contouring, but I use it for concealer or buffing foundation around the nose and other places like that. It’s the only synthetic brush I bought and that’s why it’s perfect for creme products.

Zoeva 227 vs. Mac 217

 photo macvszoeva_zps0d8a6f1d.jpg

 photo mac217vszoeva227_zps06e34ecd.jpg

The Soft definer brush is a dupe for Mac 217. I have the Mac 217 and they are so similar. The biggest difference is of course the price, but also that the Zoeva one is part natural and part synthetic. I think both of them are brilliant and I’m glad to have one more of these types of brushes. The good thing about the Zoeva brushes being part synthetic is that they will work better with cream products.

The Smokey Shader and Fine Liner Brush

The Smokey Shader brush is just brilliant to apply eyeshadow with, it picks up product really well and gives you control over it. I really needed one of these! The Pencil brush again a great brush and good for under the eye and highlighting the inner corners of the eyes.

At last I got the Fine Liner brush, which is made from nylon. I love gel eyeliner and I have been wanting to try an eyeliner brush like this for ages! I have the Mac 209 and it’s straight and not as fine. I really like this Zoeva one because it easier to get a beautiful thin line with.

Price and thoughts

Overall I’m so excited about these brushes and I will definitely be buying more when I can afford it again! I paid €44.30 for these brushes plus delivery to Denmark from Germany really worth the money. I can definitely recommend these brushes to anyone wanting some great ones for a good price!

Have you tried the Zoeva brushes?

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  • Mia Johannsen

    Flotte billeder 🙂 Jeg er enig med dig de er så bløde!!

    • Jo tak, synes det med billeder er svært! Jeg håber også du er glade for dine nye bløde børster 🙂

  • Christina

    So if you do not have either Zoeva 227 or the Mac 217 which one would you recommend the most? 😀

    • I still think Mac 217 is the best one, it’s all natural. If you are thinking about getting some Zoeva brushes anyway, you should order the 227 with them and then save the money for the 217 at another time 🙂