About and Contact Pages on Blogs!


Today is another post about blogging tips, but it’s not a tutorial it’s advices. Well, it might be a bit boring, but advices are good too!

I have been going through a lot of blogs lately, like over 200 this week! I’m surprised by how little of them have about me and contact pages.

About page

This might not be something you think about when you start a blog. If your blog is called something like glitterfun or whatever people won’t know your name. I have had a hard time finding people’s name and sometimes I couldn’t.

I think you should always have an about page with your name and where you are from in the world. If people like your blog, they will want to know something about you. I almost always look at peoples about pages.

Of course the page should also contain something like why you have chosen to blog, and what it is about.

Contact page

Contact page! Again an important page, if people like you they should be able to contact you through other things than social medias. Give them an email or a mail form or better both!

Social media

Which brings me to, if you have and use social media make sure people can find them! Use them at the top of your blog, in your post, in your contact page and about page. Make sure people can find them.

I hope these advices can help some of you. Please leave suggestions below for my blogging tips series!

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