Blogging Tips Series


A new week has begun and I have decided on trying to do some different posts this week. I know I’m new in the blogger world and don’t have much experience within the area. Since I’m studying Multimedia Design & Communication I do have some knowledge in this field and that’s why I want to do a little series where I post some tips for new bloggers, but hopefully also some tips for some of the bloggers who have been doing this for a while.

I have been blogging once before using Google’s blogspot ( and right now I’m using WordPress CMS to manage this blog so I have a little experience with both systems.

As you can see I have started this blog, but I have also helped Christina Thorup setting up her blog and I own where you can see my portfolio if you are curious.

My plan is to write about everything from blogger systems, SEO, Google analytics, themes, marketing, domain names, design, coding, etc.




I hope you will be interested in reading about these things and please leave suggestions below telling me what you want to learn more about.

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  • Really great idea! You definitely helped me lots and I really appreciated it xx

    • Tanja

      Happy to help 🙂 Just tell me if you have any suggestions 🙂