Design Guide for Bloggers!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to go over some tips and tricks for your blog design. We all say that it’s content that matters, but we all judge a book by its cover in the end. I’m an educated Multimedia Designer, which means I learned about design, communication and how to code in school. This is why I wanted to share some of the things I learned in school and what I picked up here on the blog.

Rules I learned in school!

  • Never write all your content with your font in bold, italic or underline. The first two will irritate the eye and the last one with underline, will be read as a link.

  • Don’t center your content! This is something a lot of bloggers do, but it was one of the first rules I learned in school not to do, it will be annoying to read.

  • Don’t write your content with a funny font or something like Comic Sans MS, as you might not be taken seriously. The best fonts to use when writing for the internet are Sans Serif fonts like Helvetica, Arial, Open Sans, Calibri, etc.

  • Never write your text on a black background with a white font, this will again irritate the eye. It’s better to use a dark grey background with a light grey font or the other way around.
  • Don’t write your content too small it’s better to go big and make it easier to read than giving your readers a headache from reading.

  • You should never use more than three different fonts on your entire site, including main content, headings, menus, sidebars, etc. This rule also counts for colors, don’t use too many different colors as it otherwise can seem a bit messy. If you like having beautiful pictures the many colors can seem distracting.
  • It’s good to have paragraphs and subheadings when writing for the internet, this makes it easier to read.

Tips I learned from blogging

I also picked up a few things from blogging while doing all kinds of different designs to see what I liked and what the readers liked. 

  • Soft and pastel looking color schemes seem to be going well in the blogging world. I used to have two hot pinks on my blog, which I changed for some soft toned pinks instead and they seem more popular. You can use Adobe Kuler to make a color scheme for your blog, it’s good to think about if the colors are complementary, analogous, etc.
  • I also used to have a dark background with a light font, but my light grey background with a dark grey font again seems to be more popular.

  • You should also remember to have fullwidth pictures in your blog posts. It can look really messy and unprofessional to have different sized pictures in your posts.
  • The last thing I think is important; is to only have one sidebar either choose the right or left side, but not both. Having two sidebars can be overwhelming and makes less room for your content.

Leave me a comment below telling me what you like in a design. You can also leave links to your favorite blog designs!

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  • Hayley-Eszti Szucs

    Great tips, thanks! I like designs that still show the bloggers personality or style 🙂

    x Hayley-Eszti |

    • You are right, a blog design says a lot about the blogger!

  • lisa prince

    thanks fo the great tips, i think along the way I am jut learning slowely

    • You are welcome. I made so many mistake and I’m still making a lot, it’s a learning process 🙂

  • This is a fab post! Although I centre my writing, oopsie! x

    • If you are happy with the text in center you should keep it, these are just guidelines 🙂 I also think you have a pretty design!

  • Hannah Maloney

    i love this post! I’m constantly changing the design of my blog, I get bored far too easy

    hannah xo

    • I know the feeling, I have done the same thing so many times! I’m finally at a place where I’m beginning to be happy 🙂

  • Lauren Nicole O’Hara

    I like my blog design to be simple and cute, so far so good. I do get compliments because of my header. Soft pinks and blues seem to be good with a white background which I am glad of because I am not putting my readers off my blog.

    Your post is very helpful!

    Much love