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Hi everyone!

Today is another blogging tip post. I recently did one about making your Google Blogger shine where one of the tips were having a favicon. A favicon is the little logo you see in the fan of your browser. Christina Thorup suggested that I did one for WordPress too.



Since everyone has a different WordPress theme there will never be a correct answer to how to do it in WordPress. I was really lucky that my theme had a setting for favicon included, but if you aren’t as lucky you can do it by a plugin!

First go to “add new plugin” and search for favicon. You will get a lot of different plugins and they all kinds of do the same thing. I choose the “All in One Favicon” which can take PNG, GIF and ICO files so you just have to make an icon and then upload it.


I just uploaded mine in the Frontend part and choose save, you don’t need to worry about the rest of the settings this should be fine.


That was it! Let me know if it works and if you have other ideas for blogging tips.

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  • Thank you for the blogging tips! Very helpful!

    • Tanja

      You are welcome!