Introduction To WordPress – Thinking About Switching From Blogger?

Hi everyone!

I have been spotting some discussions on Twitter doing Twitter Chats about WordPress. It seems like some people are a bit confused or just don’t know how to tackle WordPress compared to Blogger. I’m a WordPress user, so as of right now you are visiting a WordPress blog.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source system also known as CMS. If you find this confusing just think about it as the system running your website, just like Windows running a PC and IOS running a Mac or an iPhone.

You can find WordPress in two versions as and, but I don’t look at WordPress that way.

If you are a newbie and are thinking about starting a blog you are in the process of choosing between Blogger and and they seem very similar. I would definitely choose Blogger as it’s much easier to get started with as a free web hosting service.

If you on the other hand want your own domain name I would definitely choose WordPress, which is also known as “”. I use WordPress myself, but I have never visited since I haven’t had any need for it.

WordPress as CMS

When I bought my domain name I made sure that the web hosting company had a service called “Wordpress One Click Installation”, which basically means that when you have your domain name you just click one button whereafter you decide your username and password and then it takes around 2 minutes and WordPress is installed on that domain name.

That’s why I haven’t used and don’t think about WordPress as and because I just installed the CMS on my domain name. I didn’t really care about the terms .com and .org solution, for me it was just the system running my website just like Windows or IOS.

Difference between self-hosting and free hosting

When you install WordPress as the system (CMS) running your website on your own domain name you will have full access to everything the system offers and you can download millions of themes and plugins from around the internet. You also have full access to all the coding and the database like PHP, mySQL, HTML, CSS, etc., but I wouldn’t spend time thinking about that.

If you go to and make a blog (which is free) you will be limited by the themes and plugins options and you will keep running into the problem about spending money to do so many things. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend to start your blog on, I would choose Blogger unless you have your own domain name, that’s when I would be using WordPress the CMS!

This was my first blogpost in a small WordPress series. I will be doing a blogpost about switching from Blogger to WordPress and some posts on themes, plugins and other things to look for with your WordPress.

Please let me know if you have any request or questions also leave a comment telling me if this made sense! 

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