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This blogpost is a bit late, but here it finally is; SEO Guide for WordPress! I already did a blogpost for people using Google Blogger and an introduction for SEO if you are interested in that.

With WordPress you don’t have the advantage of Google already knowing your blog, so you have to do some work for it to be noticed. I downloaded two plugins, but you could probably do it all with one plugin I just like both for different things.

All in One SEO

The first plugin is All in One SEO, which I use for my Google Analytics tracking code in and it’s also where I gave my blog it’s title, meta description and keywords.

Go to Plugins -> Search All in One SEO -> Install

all in one seo plugin

Now you are ready to use the plugin. I would keep most of the things as they are, except write the title, meta description and keywords as mention and then you have some fields for Google Analytics, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.

blog title and description

Yoast SEO

The second plugin is Yoast SEO, this is probably the one you will use the most. You can use it for Google Authorship, social medias, sitemaps and other cool stuff. I use it for Google Authorship and for all of my blogposts.

Go to Plugins -> Search Yoast -> Install

yoast plugin

When I write a blogpost I have a box underneath with fields like keywords, title and meta description for each blogpost. The cool thing about this, is that you can analysis your page and see how well it’s doing and what to improve.

focus keyword post

In the end you also get a colored checkpoint, this can be red, yellow, light green, all green to indicate how good of an SEO job you have done.

SEO check

WordPress Permalinks

The last thing I want to say is Permalinks. This is probably the most important part of WordPress SEO. I wrote an entire blogpost covering this subject How To: Permalinks in WordPress! If you don’t do this part Google won’t know what your pages are about because the URLs will be irrelevant to the content on the pages.

If you want to read more you can also check out my How To – Favicon in WordPress

Are you going to try any of these things or do you have any other advice, please leave a comment below!

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  • Danielle

    I love this, I use exactly the same as you. So easy to use. Danielle xx