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Today I want to discuss Pinterest. I’m really into Pinterest at the moment, I have had my Pinterest for a couple of years now, but sometimes I just use it more than other times. 

What I Love About Pinterest!

I love Pinterest for personal use as well as for my blog. For personal use I think it’s great to find inspiration, I always use it to find pictures of different things. Instead of doing a Google image search I will be doing a Pinterest search. The reason this is often better is that Google is filled with things from the entire internet whereas Pinterest is filled with the things people have pinned, liked and repinned.

I also like the way you can get a better and more precise search on Pinterest. If you search for a celebrity, it will come up with ideas to narrow it down based on what other people have been looking for like makeup, body, haircut, 2013, 2014, style, etc.

Pinterest For Your Blog

People are often discussing doing Twitter chats it they should use Pinterest or not for traffic. I have found Pinterest to be a great way to get my things out in the world especially if you take your own photos and they are amazing.

I also know people with longer photos, which could be a tutorial photo often get pinned more as it will take up more space in the Pinterest search and people then will notice it.

The important thing to remember when pinning for traffic is to pin directly from you blog. This is done with a little widget installed in your browser and it takes 10 sec to install. This way all your pictures will link back to you when people repin them.

Personal Versus Business

People are always wondering if they should get a personal or business Pinterest. I started with a personal one, but then Pinterest suggested I should switch it for a business account, so I did and again it only took 10 sec.

The only difference between the business and personal account is the Pinterest analytics where you can follow your pins.

I would definitely recommend getting a Pinterest account, I love mine for both my blog and personal pinning. It’s the best place in the world to get inspired and I have used my Pinterest in school and at work too.

If you would like to follow me I’m at tanjamortensen.

Please leave a comment below with your Pinterest link and your experience with it.

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  • Great post! I’m obsessed with Pinterest at the moment, it’s addictive haha xx

    • It really is! I can spend so much time pinning without even notice 😉

  • Lo Wilson

    I really want to use Pinterest more for blogging, so this post was a great find! There are so many fun things on Pinterest too 🙂

    Lo at Notebook 54

    • I hope you get started on Pinterest for your blog then 😀

  • Leanne

    I absolutely love pinterest, but I find that once I start pinning I just can’t stop haha!

    I’m now following your boards, my pinterest is http://www.pinterest.com/littlebabble/ xx

    • Haha I totally now that feeling, it steals so much of your time 🙂 Thank you the link, I will check it out right away 🙂

  • India Benjamin

    I love Pinterest for drooling over pictures of food! I’ve started using Pinterest a bit more for my blog but I always forget to pin posts and then do them all at once!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • Haha I do that too, it’s hard to remember all the social platforms 🙂

  • Beautyqueenuk

    I am obsessed with Pinterest and I found this so interesting x

  • Kimberly Nelms

    Great Post, I didn’t even think about using Pinterest for my blog!

  • Claire M

    I’m a pinterest newbie and struggling to figure out how to use it to promote my blog, so this was really helpful. thanks 🙂

    Claire x | claireizabeth.blogspot.co.uk

  • ninegrandstudent

    I’m struggling to work out how best to use Pinterest, but here’s my link – http://www.pinterest.com/9grandstudent/ Thanks for this great post! x