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OOTD: A Little Walk!

Hi everyone!

My new design has been live for two days now and people seems to like it, so thank you! I also got some new “profile” pictures for my sidebar and about page to go with my new theme.

Today I’m doing another OOTD (or actually yesterday) and I’m really proud of myself for doing it. I still feel awkward in front of the camera, but you learn by doing so that’s what I’m going for.

I was out for a little walk with my mom and the weather kept changing between sun and clouds so it was really hard to dress for it. I got my mom to shoot a couple of outfit photos and I hope you like it.

Shoes: Monki || Trouser: H&M || Top: Gina Tricot || Bag: H&M

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H&M Jewelry Haul!

Hi everyone!

I know it’s not that long ago I did a jewelry haul and now I’m already doing one again. The summer sale is full on and I have been shopping in H&M as their sale has been crazy. I got two pair of pants down from £25 to only £3 and a really pretty fringe bag down from £18 to £5 and I just love the fringe trend!

Crazy Jewelry Sale

H&M’s jewelry sale was crazy as well, which is why I bought a couple of things. I have already been using these jewelries everyday since I bought them.

I got these gold earrings on sale from £7 to only £1 and I just love the summer feeling they have.

I also got this matching set of a necklace and a bracelet again on sale for £1 each.

The last thing I got was this statement necklace on sale from £8 to only £1.

What have you been buying this summer sale? Have you seen the Ashley Benson collection I just love it!

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by H&M nor do I work there. I just really like their things and sale!

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OOTD: Only Playsuit For A Brunch!

Hi everyone!

Today I’m sharing a little OOTD, which I haven’t done many times before. I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera yet and I always find posing so weird!

I went out for a little brunch/lunch with my lovely friend Christina Thorup today and she captured a couple of pictures of me.

The weather started out a bit grey, but as the day went by the weather got better and the sun came out.

Playsuit: Only || Shoes: Monki || Jewelry: Erbs Denmark || Sunglasses: Erbs Denmark || Watch: Guess

I wore a playsuit with tights, but when the sun came out I could have done with some sandals and no tights, it’s always hard to figure out what to wear in North Europe during summer.

What do you think of my outfit?

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Erbs Denmark Jewelry Haul!

Hi everyone!

Today is a little jewelry haul, it’s been a while since I have done a haul. This week I went to a huge sale at a Danish brand named Erbs Denmark. They make sunglasses, accessorizes, bags, scarves and underwear and I always got compliments whenever I was wearing their jewelry while living in London.

I ended up with two statement necklaces, a few rings and a pair of earrings. I always wanted to wear more statement necklaces so I invested in two I think can be used for everyday and a party.

Statement Necklaces

The first one is a gold necklace, I think is perfect for everyday as it isn’t to girly, but it’s also perfect to give an edgy feeling to a fancy party outfit. It also goes well with the rings and the earrings I bought.

The second necklace is a grey kind of necklace, which I again think is perfect for everyday as well as a party outfit.

Gold Ringes

I also got a few rings and they go so well together when wearing all of them at the same time...

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New In: Asos Sandals!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share my new sandals! This might seem a bit weird, but I’m not good at finding shoes during summer I’m more of a winter and boots kind of girl.

This post is also a bit different from my usual blogposts as it’s more fashion related than beauty related.

I have an idea or plan to make some more fashion blogposts later on this year (I hope), I just need to find the confident to do it and actually feel like my outfits are worth showing.

I bought my sandals of Asos and it’s my first ever Asos buy, so I can now officially be called a blogger because I feel like every blogger always find their things on Asos.

I bought these shoes in a size 3 and they are the perfect size and comfortable walking in. Does anyone have any advice for buying clothes from Asos, I’m not good at buying clothes online because I never know which size to choose?

What do you think of the sandals?

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London Fashion Week Details

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited today because tomorrow I’m leaving cold Denmark for a little vacation in Malaga! I can’t wait to see some sun and relax.

London Fashion Week

Today I have my last couple of pictures from London Fashion Week. These pictures had a long time coming, but I just thought I wanted to share these details anyway because we all love bags and accessories.

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek20_zps1b2bdfc9.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek_zps4d83b48e.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek1_zps28296eb1.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek15_zps80c63120.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek3_zpsddb2accf.jpg

I’m in love with the YSL bag, which detail is your favorite?

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London Fashion Week Streetstyle #2

Hi everyone!

Winter is officially gone and spring is upon us! I don’t know about where you are, but here in Denmark the weather is so beautiful and the sun is out and bright!

Today is just a short Sunday post, with some outfits from London Fashion Week 2013 you might get some inspiration for the sunny, but still cold weather.

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek14_zpsa1009bb4.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek13_zps513ec32c.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek12_zps58a23beb.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek18_zps08d557ad.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek11_zps244c60e3.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek10_zpse3e34634.jpg


I have some previously blogpost from London Fashion Week if you are interested.

London Fashion Week Shoes

London Fashion Week more Shoes

London Fashion Week Look Edition

London Fashion Week Danes

London Fashion Week Looks

London Fashion Week Streetstyle

My favorite look is the second picture with the red fur and the Fendi shoes! Which look is your favorite?

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London Fashion Week Streetstyle

London Fashion Week just recently ended. It was a look into what we are going to wear this autumn and winter, but fashion week is still going on in Europe, which is always exciting.

I wasn’t able to go to London Fashion Week this season, but I was out taking pictures of streetstyle last season and since it was August 2013, it was a sneak peak into what we are going to wear this spring and summer, so I thought I would share some pictures I never got around to share back in 2013.

The first round is some of the cool looks I found and then I will do a blogpost with some details from the outfits.

Streetstyle London Fashion Week 2

Streetstyle London Fashion Week 4

Streetstyle London Fashion Week 5

Streetstyle London Fashion Week 6

Streetstyle London Fashion Week 7

Streetstyle London Fashion Week 9

Streetstyle London Fashion Week 16

The first and last look are definitely my favorite looks. The first look is just so simple and stylish and I feel like it’s really wearable. The last look with the guy is just so amazing! He looks like he didn’t put any effort into it, such a natural talent for dressing, it’s perfect and the detail with the umbrella in London is genius!

I have some previously blogpost from London Fashion W...

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London Fashion Week 2013 Shoes!

It’s time for another round of London Fashion Week 2013 Street Styles photos. This time it’s the last couple of shoe pictures. My favourites are the last pair of Fendi shoes and then the second blue pair. The Fendi shoes I already showed in another post with shoes from Fashion Week, these are just so amazing, I can’t get over how cool they are. The blue ones have such a classic shape and the color is beautiful!

I hope you like them and let me know in the comments below which ones are your favourites!

London Fashion Week 2013 9

London Fashion Week 2013 15

London Fashion Week 2013 16

London Fashion Week 2013 17

London Fashion Week 2013 18

London Fashion Week 2013 20

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Victoria Secret Haul!

As people probably already know, I’m from Denmark. In Denmark we don’t have Victoria Secret (except from Copenhagen Airport), we just recently got Starbucks and we don’t have blackberries (the phones).

This is why when I walked by a Victoria Secret shop here in London it just got my full attention. Everything is pink and smells so good and is a bit expensive.


I went into the store and I really wanted to try the famous body sprays. There are thousands different smells to choose from and I decided that I wanted to get the three for 24 pounds, so I went around smelling to everything and found my three. At the end of the trip I ended up coming out with five things for 30 pounds. I have absolutely no idea how to get them home in my suitcase with everything else.



I got three body spray, a body scrub and a body lotion. My favourite scent is the Mango Temptation which was also the first scent I decided on.


Do you have any of the Victoria Secret products?

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