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Where have I been and Danes at London Fashion Week!

Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry I have been gone for around three weeks now. Everything has been so busy here in London.

I recently had a friend visiting, been going to Madam Tussauds, seeing The Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros studios and I have been sick, which means I read a lot of books. I recently finished the I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk and I read Where Beauty Lies by Elle and Blair Fowler.

I also still have a lot of pictures from London Fashion Week that needs to go up and then of course I have been shopping a bit, so look out for some reviews. There will be some on Tresemme Products, Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Lush, Victoria Secret and Maybelline nail polish.

I will start out with uploading a couple of London Fashion Week pictures before some new posts coming next week. These pictures are of the Danish people are meet while taking my own photos.

London Fashion Week 2013 29

London Fashion Week 2013 11

Laura’s blog

London Fashion Week 2013 10

London Fashion Week 2013  24

London Fashion Week 2013 23

Marie’s blog

London Fashion Week 2013 22

Isabella’s blog

It was really fun meeting other Danish people at London Fashion Week...

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London Fashion Week Look Edition!

Hi everyone!

Here goes some more pictures from London Fashion Week 2013. This time it’s two looks with details and they are very different!

London Fashion Week 2013 28

London Fashion Week 2013 27

London Fashion Week 2013 26

London Fashion Week 2013 25

London Fashion Week 2013 12

London Fashion Week 2013 13

London Fashion Week 2013 14

I think the first one is so fun and crazy and I love that you can see behind the sunglasses that she is wearing yellow eyeliner too. The second look is my favourite and I love the sunglasses so much!

Tell me in the comments below which look is your favourite.

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London Fashion Week 2013 Shoes!

Hi lovely people!

Here are some more pictures from London Fashion Week. This time it’s all about the shoes, because who doesn’t like those? You know Cinderella is the proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.

London Fashion Week 2013 4

London Fashion Week 2013 8

London Fashion Week 2013 7

London Fashion Week 2013 14

London Fashion Week 2013 19

London Fashion Week 2013 21

I love the last pair, they are so crazy! They are from Fendi and who doesn’t love everything by Karl Lagerfeld?

Which picture is your favourite one?

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London Fashion Week 2013

Hi everyone!

It’s Fashion Week in London right now! This is my first ever Fashion Week and I have been out taking pictures of streetstyle.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to share all the pictures with you guys, here are the first couple of them.

London Fashion Week 2013

London Fashion Week 2013 2

London Fashion Week 2013 3

London Fashion Week 2013 1

London Fashion Week 2013 5

London Fashion Week 2013 6

My favorite picture is the last one, which do you like the most?

These are the first ones, what do you think. Have you been to any of the Fashion Weeks or are you going to any?

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Mini Haul!

Hi everyone!


Yesterday I went out to get sushi and Starbucks with a friend and then I was by Boots of course. I needed a black eyeliner pencil since I didn’t bring any with me to London. I had read so much about Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner that I choose it. Boots had the offer; buy one, get second half price so I got the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer that everyone has been talking about.


I tried the two products this morning and so far I like them. I will say though that I haven’t figured the Rimmel eyeliner out yet since it’s so pigmented that I feel like it’s best for a smokey eye and not every day.

On my way home I just got to have the new Elle, did you see how thick it is! I also got a 25% off card to River Island; I really think that the 4 pounds I spend on the magazine can be saved in River Island!

How was the weekend for everyone else?

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London Blogger Meetup

Today has been so much fun. I went to the London Blogger Meetup arranged by Sophie etc. We all meet at Piccadilly Circus, went out shopping and at 2pm we all got something to eat at The Diner.

Here are some of the pictures I took from the day with all the girls. I also linked all the blogger URLs I got from the meetup at the end.

blogger meet up london 11

blogger meet up london 10

blogger meet up london 9

blogger meet up london 8

blogger meet up london 7

blogger meet up london 6

blogger meet up london 5

blogger meet up london 4

blogger meet up london 3

blogger meet up london 2

blogger meet up london 1

blogger meet up london

Do you follow any of these bloggers?

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New Zara Bag!

Hi people!

It’s been so busy here in London! I just moved so I haven’t had much time or energy to blog the last couple of days.

Today is bank holiday in England which gave me an extra day off from work. I was out shopping looking for a new bag since I only brought one with me to London and it just wasn’t big enough anymore.

I wanted a bag that was classic, that would go with every outfit, you could carry in your hand, but also had a strap for the shoulder.

It took me some time to find the right bag, but I finally found it in Zara! It was 40 pounds, which I think is an okay price, still not too expensive.



What do you think about it?

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Gold Necklace!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, I had.

My friend and I went for a little trip to find some of the best high end shops. We were in Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin. Then the trip went to see Tiffany, Michael Kors, Burberry, Dior, Hermes, Mulberry, Prada, Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Stella McCartney and all other brands you can think of!

As people properly know Marc by Marc Jacobs is the “inexpensive” version of Marc Jacobs, so I couldn’t resist buying a little think from the store.




I got this beautiful gold necklace with a heart and I love it!

Do you have anything from Marc Jacobs or any other famous brand, let me know in the comments below?

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Acrylic Jewelry Box!

Hi everyone!
I hope you enjoy your weekend. I recently made a post about makeup storage and asked if any of you wanted to see my acrylic jewelry box too. Well, my lovely friend Christina Thorup wanted to see a post about it, so here it is.


I have this little acrylic jewelry box for some of my most used jewelry. I like that I can see through it and I think it’s a lovely decor piece. It gets a bit dusty and that’s like the only thing I don’t like about it. I also have a drawer, a genie and a normal jewelry box with jewelry in and my biggest necklaces are hanging on the wall.

I don’t know how you storage your jewelry, but I really like to have mine around where I can see them and I think this little box is perfect!




Leave a comment below telling me how you storage your jewelry and what you think about my acrylic box.

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H&M Haul and Concert Tickets

Hi lovely people!
Here goes another haul! I was at the library today to pick up Insurgent which I told you in my last book review The Perks of Being a Wallflower that I would be reading as my next book.

Afterwards I was at H&M to see all their sales and I found to small things I just got to have, first this cute hat which was 2,5 pounds (before 13,5 pounds) and an Ipad case which was about one pound (before eight pounds), I think they were great offers!



I also bought a ticket to see The Pretty Reckless at the Electric Ballroom in London on August 22nd since I will be London anyway and it’s close to my internship. Well, now I just hope that the ticket will arrive before I leave for London, and if you know anyone who are going alone too then please tell me in the comments below.

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