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Reflecting On 2014

Hi everyone who is still with me!

Merry Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful time! 

I have been gone from the blog for so long and I feel kind of bad. There isn’t really a good excuse, but I’m going to try anyway. I was in such a good and inspiring place the first half of 2014, then came summer and we were all so busy, then when autumn arrived I was in the process of moving and somehow during that I lost my inspiration. Now living at the new place I never really settled back into blogging.

Studying To Become A Makeup Artist

Now 2014 is soon to be gone and for 2015 I really hope I will be better at blogging more often. On January 3rd I will be traveling to London again and this time I will be studying to become a Makeup Artist at The Academy of Freelance Makeup. This will definitely be a crazy and busy time, but I hope you would all like to share this new chapter with me.

Let me know in the comments below how your Christmas was and what your hopes for 2015 are!

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I GOT IN.. The Academy Of Freelance Makeup!!

I want to thank everyone for reaching 400 followers! I haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked to the last couple of weeks, but I have been moving and it took up much more time than I thought!

I Got In!!


I’m so excited to share that I GOT INTO THE ACADEMY OF FREELANCE MAKEUP!!! I’m starting their Complete Artistic Pro course in January, which is 5 intensive weeks of training, 6 days a week where you learn Makeup, Hairstyling, Nail Art, Airbrushing and Special FX.

The Academy Of Freelance Makeup in London

This school is the most amazing beauty school I have ever been looking at and it’s in London so I can’t wait to go back to London!

If we go back in time to around January where I got a lot of beauty books from the library and I found this amazing book named “Makeup Is Art” written by the AOFM and I first learned about the school. The book was so beautiful and inspiring, but I was sure I couldn’t afford a fancy school like this one. 

A couple of months late...

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Summer Update!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to write a little update saying I’m still here. I haven’t been posting for a while since the weather here in Denmark has been amazing and I have been out all day not using my computer.

I have been up early going for runs, going to beach and had long summer nights outside with friends and family.

I hope your summer is amazing, let me know in the comments below what you have been doing!

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Design Update – Feedback Needed!

Hi everyone!

This is just a little update and me looking for some feedback. I have done some major design changes today, removing my slideshow, changing my color scheme, got a new logo and social media buttons. I also hope that I will be able to change my “profile” pictures very soon.

I have a couple of screenshots from my new and old design together and I would love to get some honest feedback.

The New Design 

The Old Design

Which design do you like the most and what would you change about the new design? Please leave a comment below and/or answer the poll!

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May Spending Ban Update!

Hi everyone!

As some of you might know I started a May Spending Ban in the beginning of May and now that it’s June I thought I would do a little update so you know how it went.

It went okay it could have been better, but I’m happy with how it went. I ended up buying a mother’s day gift, hair powder, hair oil and a pair of sunglasses (I have a subscription to Elle Magazine so that’s not part of what I bought).

Mother’s Day Gift

I don’t seeing buying a mother’s day gift as breaking my spending ban since it was a gift and not just another thing for myself. I used some money on some nice natural and organic spa products for my mom.

Matrix Hair Oil

I then bought Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oil on Beautybay because they had 50% of this hair oil. I’m almost out of my Orofluido hair oil and I can’t live without some kind of oil...

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The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been doing any new blogposts the last week or so. I have just been feeling a bit uninspired and been enjoying the good weather here in Denmark. I will be back to blogging normally again (hopefully)! 

On another note I just reached 300 followers on Bloglovin and I just want to thank every one of you for reading, following and commenting on the blog!

The book and premiere of the movie

Back to what this blogpost is actually about! I went to the pre-premier of “The Fault in Our Stars” yesterday and it was amazing. The cinema was filled with exciting girls and not a seat was empty. It’s always fun to watch a movie where everyone is really excited.

I read the book between Christmas and New Year and did a review The Fault in Our Stars Review in the beginning of 2014. Having read the book made me even more excited and I can say I think they did the movie amazing by the book...

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May Spending Ban!

 photo mayspendingban_zps9e2aa1b7.jpg

Hi everyone!

I feel like I have been spending a lot of money the last couple of months buying makeup and skincare from the internet that I’m now doing a spending ban. I have of course also been spending money during some shopping in real life, but I don’t really know where all my money went.

Have any of you been doing a spending ban recently and do you have any tips?

I have done so many hauls lately that I will now be doing some other posts here on the blog because of the spending ban. Last month was kind of a spending ban, but not really as I took a vacation to Malaga, which was actually where I used most money.

Please leave any help for me in the comments below!

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My trip to Malaga!

Hi everyone!

I just came home from a little vacation in Malaga, where I got really sunburned! I don’t usually do as many lifestyles blogposts, but today I just wanted to share some of my pictures from the trip since it was so beautiful!

Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of my OOTD, but they weren’t that exciting just a loose maxi dress and comfortable shoes.

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

 photo Malaga1_zpsdcff863f.jpg

 photo Malaga2_zpse2f1f800.jpg

 photo Malaga3_zps9031b6f8.jpg

 photo Malaga4_zps816870b5.jpg

 photo Malaga5_zps8e9ce1b8.jpg

 photo Malaga_zps7a790bf5.jpg

Are you going on vacation soon or have you been to Malaga?

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The Making of Harry Potter!


I recently went to Warner Bros studio to see “The Making of Harry Potter” with some friends!


I had been looking forward to this day since I got to London, but since the tickets were sold out all the time, we had to order in August for our tickets in October. We were all so excited as big Harry Potter fans and when we finally got there everything was so unreal.

The tour starts in a dark room with posters on the walls and a little video from the producers. Then you move on to a cinema with a lot of behind the scenes footage from the movies and the actors talking about making it. Afterwards you are going to the big dinning room we have all seen in the movies.



When that’s over everything is a bit chaotic, since you are going around on different sets and seeing green screen and going outside to the houses, buses etc. and passes all the monsters and animals from the movies.










Then you walk through Diagon Alley, on to see the writers rooms and at the end you will go to this ama...

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Where have I been and Danes at London Fashion Week!

Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry I have been gone for around three weeks now. Everything has been so busy here in London.

I recently had a friend visiting, been going to Madam Tussauds, seeing The Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros studios and I have been sick, which means I read a lot of books. I recently finished the I Heart Series by Lindsey Kelk and I read Where Beauty Lies by Elle and Blair Fowler.

I also still have a lot of pictures from London Fashion Week that needs to go up and then of course I have been shopping a bit, so look out for some reviews. There will be some on Tresemme Products, Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation, Lush, Victoria Secret and Maybelline nail polish.

I will start out with uploading a couple of London Fashion Week pictures before some new posts coming next week. These pictures are of the Danish people are meet while taking my own photos.

London Fashion Week 2013 29

London Fashion Week 2013 11

Laura’s blog

London Fashion Week 2013 10

London Fashion Week 2013  24

London Fashion Week 2013 23

Marie’s blog

London Fashion Week 2013 22

Isabella’s blog

It was really fun meeting other Danish people at London Fashion Week...

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