London Fashion Week Streetstyle #2

Hi everyone!

Winter is officially gone and spring is upon us! I don’t know about where you are, but here in Denmark the weather is so beautiful and the sun is out and bright!

Today is just a short Sunday post, with some outfits from London Fashion Week 2013 you might get some inspiration for the sunny, but still cold weather.

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek14_zpsa1009bb4.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek13_zps513ec32c.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek12_zps58a23beb.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek18_zps08d557ad.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek11_zps244c60e3.jpg

 photo StreetstyleLondonFashionWeek10_zpse3e34634.jpg


I have some previously blogpost from London Fashion Week if you are interested.

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London Fashion Week Streetstyle

My favorite look is the second picture with the red fur and the Fendi shoes! Which look is your favorite?

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