New In: Asos Sandals!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share my new sandals! This might seem a bit weird, but I’m not good at finding shoes during summer I’m more of a winter and boots kind of girl.

This post is also a bit different from my usual blogposts as it’s more fashion related than beauty related.

I have an idea or plan to make some more fashion blogposts later on this year (I hope), I just need to find the confident to do it and actually feel like my outfits are worth showing.

I bought my sandals of Asos and it’s my first ever Asos buy, so I can now officially be called a blogger because I feel like every blogger always find their things on Asos.

I bought these shoes in a size 3 and they are the perfect size and comfortable walking in. Does anyone have any advice for buying clothes from Asos, I’m not good at buying clothes online because I never know which size to choose?

What do you think of the sandals?

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  • Christina

    I have used this website with the different sizes as a great tool to know my size: also I’ve had some clothes I bought whiles I was in London and I have just used those sizes and I haven’t had to send anything back yet.
    A thing I also do to check with skirt length for example to better know how short/long a skirt really is, I check the models height and I use the “catwalk” button to see how it looks on when they walk and also to see the quality of the clothes a bit better 🙂
    Those are really just my tips for asos 😀

    • Thank you! I haven’t thought about using the catwalk function to check out the quality and feeling of the clothes. Thanks for the website, I have only used Asos own guide to check size so this is helpful! I’m just not good at buying clothes online 😉

  • These are lovely! For me I find ASOS clothes come up quite big so I usually size down, especially if it says ‘oversized’ for example I’m usually a 10 in tops but if it says oversized I’ll buy an 8 or sometimes even a 6! But if you’re buying jeans from ASOS then I’d recommend your normal size x

    • Ahh thank you, this what I needed to know. I feel like jeans are almost never “big” in sizes, but I’m so glad to know what you have experienced with Asos 🙂

  • Thank you!

  • Food, Fash, Fit

    Love these sandals! So chunky and awesome! I do like ASOS for shoes but they come up large on me for some reason!

    • Thank you. That’s annoying, I think these were just perfect in size 🙂