Victoria Secret Haul!

As people probably already know, I’m from Denmark. In Denmark we don’t have Victoria Secret (except from Copenhagen Airport), we just recently got Starbucks and we don’t have blackberries (the phones).

This is why when I walked by a Victoria Secret shop here in London it just got my full attention. Everything is pink and smells so good and is a bit expensive.


I went into the store and I really wanted to try the famous body sprays. There are thousands different smells to choose from and I decided that I wanted to get the three for 24 pounds, so I went around smelling to everything and found my three. At the end of the trip I ended up coming out with five things for 30 pounds. I have absolutely no idea how to get them home in my suitcase with everything else.



I got three body spray, a body scrub and a body lotion. My favourite scent is the Mango Temptation which was also the first scent I decided on.


Do you have any of the Victoria Secret products?


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  • OPI Addict

    Nice haul! I haven’t tried too much from VS, but I want to! ­čÖé


    • You should, I really enjoy it ­čÖé