Book Review – Lindsey Kelk “I Heart New York”


It’s been some time now since I did a book review last. I have since been reading in a couple of books, but I finally finished Lindsey Kelk “I Heart New York”.

This book was recommended to me by a lovely Twitter friend and since I was in London I thought I had to buy it (Lindsey Kelk is from England, maybe London).

The book is about Angela Clark who ends up at the worst wedding ever! She leaves London the day after to go to New York, which she falls absolutely in love with!

She gets a makeover, meets two hot guys, gets new friends and starts a blog. The question is does she love New York more than her home London?

I loved the book! It was such a light fun and girly book. People who loved Lauren Conrad’s books will love this one too. I also reviewed Infamous here.

Its Bridget Jones meets Sex and the City. I really enjoyed reading a little bit every night and sometimes morning. I have just ordered “I Heart Hollywood” on amazon which is now on the way to me!

My only problem is; how do I get these lovely books with me home from London?

Btw. I got a tweet from the author Lindsey Kelk when I wrote my twitter friend that I had just bought the book, just a bit cool.

Have you read any of these books, share your thoughts with me!

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