Elle and Blair Fowler – Where Beauty Lies Review!

Today I wanted to do a book review. The famous vlogger and blogger Elle and Blair Fowler released their second book back in August named “Where Beauty Lies.” I ordered my book back in August and after waiting forever because it was sold out and later lost in the mail I finally got it Mid-September. By that time I was really invested in the “I Heart Series” by Lindsey Kelk, but in the end I finally came around to read it. Just wanted to say the book is as beautiful as the first one!


Beneath the Glitter & Where Beauty Lies

If you don’t know the series it’s about the London sisters Sophia and Ava London. They are Youtube stars, who moved to L.A. to work on their brand London Calling. They are also “It” girls, releasing beauty products and clothes (sounds similar, just like Elle and Blair).

The book continues just shortly after the first one left of. This time the London sisters are traveling to New York City where they are having their very own fashion show, but someone on the inside are trying to destroy them.


Thoughts on Where Beauty Lies

This book is a very light girly read. I enjoyed reading the book and figure out who was after Sophia and Ava. I was surprised by the ending and how their love life turned out. I was really happy to find out who the enemy was because I really didn’t like the character, but I also felt like it was a bit rushed and a bad way to explain everything.

Overall I thought it was a good read, but not my favorite book. I find the book series very fascinating because even though it’s a fiction, it has some inspiration from Elle and Blair’s real life and experience, it’s a look behind the glamorous life of Elle and Blair Fowler. I hope there will be one more book in the series, it seems like a trilogy.

Have anyone else read the book? Do you know if there will be a third book?

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