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I recently did a book review on Lindsey Kelk “I Heart New York.” I loved that book so much I ordered the next one as fast as I could. This weekend I finished Lindsey Kelk “I Heart Hollywood” and I loved it just as much.

lindsey kelk i heart hollywood

Here is a quick summary

Angela Clark is living in New York with her new best friend and the best boyfriend she can think of. Her job at The Look magazine is going amazing, when they offer her a week paid in Hollywood to interview the famous British actor James Jacobs.

Angela Clark discovers that life in Hollywood is not all glamour and ends up in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

My thoughts

lindsey kelk i heart hollywood

I really enjoy reading about Angels Clark’s universe. I was kind of sad that the book leaves New York, but I did know that from the title.

When Angela arrives in Hollywood she isn’t in love with the city the same way she was with New York and that kinds of sets the tone for the book. You lose a bit interest in the story when it’s based in Hollywood and Angels doesn’t like it, but as the book involves and Angela is way deep in problems you don’t want to lay the book down. You are just waiting to find a way out of all the problems, but she just finds more problems which makes this entire book so addictive.

I was expecting some of the things throughout the book, so I wasn’t that surprised, but I will say this book is just as good as the first one, because you just love Angela!

I have already ordered “I Heart Paris” and it’s being delivered today, Elle and Blair Fowler’s book “Where beauty lies” is also being delivered today, so look out for more reviews.

Have you read “The Heart Series” and/or Elle and Blair Fowler’s book, what did you think?

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