Lindsey Kelk – The Single Girl’s To-Do List Review!

Hi everyone!

I know I just did a review on Lindsey Kelk’s book “About a Girl” but I just love her books so much that I got started right on “The Single Girl’s To-Do List” and read over the weekend last week. I think I might actually like this book better if it’s possible.

The Single Girl’s To-Do List is about Rachel Summers, a London based makeup artist who has everything figured out. She’s got a boyfriend, flat and a great job, but then one day her boyfriend wants to take a break and soon dumpes her.

Rachel doesn’t know what to do with herself, so she and her friends get drunk and write a single girl’s to-do list of all the things she has to do over the next two weeks.

The list takes Rachel on an amazing journey and transforms her into a new better self and she might end up finding the love of her life.

An Amazing Book!

I loved everything about this book. I loved how you could follow Rachel’s transformation and you could imagine going through it yourself, like I wanted to go out and do all of the same crazy things just to experience the same changes.

I also think the list is actually a great guide if you need to shake things up a bit or have been feeling down.

Rachel’s friends were just fun and a great and I wish I had friends just like that, who would go out and be crazy with me in the same way.

The book is fun and easy written like all Lindsey Kelk’s book and it’s the perfect chick lit especially to enjoy this summer!

This book is a stand-alone story, but I hope Lindsey Kelk will write a new chapter of Rachel’s life at some point because it was so much fun to read about.

Have you read any of Lindsey Kelk’s book?

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  • Amy

    Great review – I have had this sitting on the shelf for a couple of months but you have inspired me to pick it up and read 🙂 Thanks so much X

  • As someone who has just had a break up, this seems like the perfect summer read! Feeling the need to shake things up a bit. Definitely going to pick this up

    Holly |

    Currently running a giveaway to win some Jo Malone ♥

    • Then this is perfect, I at least felt like shaken things up at bit even though I didn’t just have a breakup. It’s definitely a perfect summer read 🙂

  • ColourMeIn SC

    I’ve never read any of her books, but this sounds like such a nice, light summer read! Great review 🙂 I really like your blog x

    • Thank you! It really is perfect for summer, it’s so easy and fun written 🙂

  • Ive never read her books but this sounds really good. Added to me very long to read list

    Beth x

    • Haha I have a very long list as well 😉 This book is such a great summer read!