The Internship – Movie Review

My brother came home from his vacation yesterday and we were both bored a bit so we decided to go to the cinema, we wanted to watch a fun movie and that’s why we went for The Internship.

I was quite surprised with it since I’m not a fan of Vince Vaughn or Owen Wilson and I don’t like their movie Wedding Crashers, but I just can’t resist a movie about Google and it also has Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf in it. I love Dylan O’Brien and if you for some reason don’t know who he is you will definitely know next year around February when The Maze Runner will be in the cinema with him as the leading character Thomas.

Back to the movie, I’m so glad that I saw the movie, it was a joy and all the actors did a great job. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson will never be my favorites and they were a bit annoying at times, but overall it was a good and fun movie that I would recommend.

Just on a site note have any of you read The Maze Runner trilogy? I think my next read will be the first book in the series when I’m done with Insurgent.

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