First Day In London!

I made it to London! I just ran around like a crazy person the first day (I have no sense of direction) which made me so tired. The day went with traveling, figuring out transportation and buying all the things from Boots that I didn’t take with me. I found my way to Oxford Street where I found a Vero Moda which made me feel at home since it’s a Danish brand I also live near a Tiger which reminds me of Denmark too.

Today I’m going out to find where I will be working next week and I’m also just going to act like a tourist around town.


A little evening walk around to find some food.


The room I’m living in with two other girls.


After some time spend in Boots to get makeup remover, shampoo, conditioner, hand gel, dry shampoo and other small stuff.



If someone from London reads this, can you just explain the busses here, it’s so confusing!


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  • I really want to go to London. My dream place to go to, specially for an internship. So lucky!

    • Tanja

      Thank you, I hope it will be great:)

  • Aaaah I hope you are well and that you found your way around town and figured out the bus system!
    But I’m so glad you did make it to find your place 😉

    • Tanja

      The bus system is really weird, but I’m using overground now 🙂