The Fault in Our Stars Movie Review!

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been doing any new blogposts the last week or so. I have just been feeling a bit uninspired and been enjoying the good weather here in Denmark. I will be back to blogging normally again (hopefully)! 

On another note I just reached 300 followers on Bloglovin and I just want to thank every one of you for reading, following and commenting on the blog!

The book and premiere of the movie

Back to what this blogpost is actually about! I went to the pre-premier of “The Fault in Our Stars” yesterday and it was amazing. The cinema was filled with exciting girls and not a seat was empty. It’s always fun to watch a movie where everyone is really excited.

I read the book between Christmas and New Year and did a review The Fault in Our Stars Review in the beginning of 2014. Having read the book made me even more excited and I can say I think they did the movie amazing by the book...

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My Favorite Mascaras!

Hi everyone!

Today I really wanted to share my favorite mascaras with you all! I think mascara is the most important product in a makeup look and I would love to hear more about which ones are your favorites!

Lancôme Definicils Mascara

I used to buy more expensive mascaras, but now I’m only buying drugstores because they are so good! Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara used to be my favorite mascara, it’s perfect for long and full lashes, but it’s also really expensive. 

I now have the Lancôme Definicils Mascara, which I probably won’t repurchase, but since I have it I’m loving it for the lower lashes. The brush is tiny and it’s great for details, it’s also good for the lashes in the inner corners because it gives so much control.

Maybelline The Falsies

Maybelline The Falsies is a blogger favorite and I love it as well! I love length it gives and you can build it up for fuller looking lashes. It’s also really easy to use and the brush gives such a good control...

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8 Top Makeup Brushes!

Hi everyone!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a brush junkie! I love my makeup brushes and I have so many because I believe a good brush can last forever and can make almost every product work.

All my brushes are from Real Techniques, Mac, Zoeva and Nilens Jord (a Danish cosmetic brand). I decided I wanted to share my favorite brushes for creating every look.

Face Brushes

Left to right: Nilens Jord Powder Brush, Real Techniques Blush Brush, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Zoeva 110 Face Shape Brush.

My powder brush is a big fluffy brush and it was actually the first “expensive” brush I got and I still use it every day for my powder. I think it’s important that a powder brush is big and soft.

My second brush is the Real Techniques blush brush, I love this brush for so many reasons! The brush is good for many different things because of the tapered end...

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Design Guide for Bloggers!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to go over some tips and tricks for your blog design. We all say that it’s content that matters, but we all judge a book by its cover in the end. I’m an educated Multimedia Designer, which means I learned about design, communication and how to code in school. This is why I wanted to share some of the things I learned in school and what I picked up here on the blog.

Rules I learned in school!

  • Never write all your content with your font in bold, italic or underline. The first two will irritate the eye and the last one with underline, will be read as a link.

  • Don’t center your content! This is something a lot of bloggers do, but it was one of the first rules I learned in school not to do, it will be annoying to read.

  • Don’t write your content with a funny font or something like Comic Sans MS, as you might not be taken seriously. The best fonts to use when writing for the internet are Sans Serif fonts like Helvetica, Arial, Open Sans, Calibri, etc...
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Spring & Summer Nail Polishes!

Hi everyone!

Today I really wanted to do a blogpost on some of the spring and summer nail polishes I think everyone should own. I don’t think you should have exactly same nail polishes as I do, but just some in the same color range.

The Perfect Green

I definitely think everyone should have a gorgeous green pastel color. I have Essie Apple Mint Candy, which I love! I’m a huge fan of green and this color just covers everything you need for good weather and a happy day!

Going for Pink

I also think people should have pink nail polish to brighten up every look. I have Essie Lovie Dovie and I’m so happy with it, the perfect hot pink nail polish!

Staying with the pink tones I think a nude kind of pink is great too. It’s a nice color to have on your nails and it will work with everything outfit you choose. I have Tanya Burr Mini Marshmallows, which is the perfect color for me and my skin tone.

The Purple & Blue

A purple color is a must for me too...

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My Garnier BB Cream for Summer!

 photo garnierbbcream_zpsf6359268.jpg

Hi everyone!

As summer is upon us I have been changing a few things in my everyday makeup routine. When the weather is nice outside I don’t always feel like wearing a thick layer of foundation, so I have been using BB Cream instead.

I’m actually not a huge fan of BB creams and I don’t feel like they have good enough coverage, which is why I never got around using my entire bottle of Garnier BB cream from last year.

It might not be the best thing in the world to use an old BB cream, but we all have makeup we should throw out (at least I think we do)?

Getting the right coverage!

My skin is so bad right now that I actually went to the doctor to see if he could help. Even though my skin is really bad I have found a way to use my BB cream and still be satisfied with the coverage.

I start out with using the BB cream all over my face to even out my skin tone and then I move on to my Mac Select Cover Up concealer which covers all the imperfection and I finish off with my Rimmel Stay Mat...

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Facts About Sunscreen and How Important It Is!

 photo sunprotection_zps81fa1c8b.jpg

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to dedicate a blogpost to sun protection as summer is upon us! It’s such an important thing to remember no matter if you live a cold or warm place whether you get easy sunburned or not. I must admit I’m not always the best to remember using sunscreen especially doing winter times whereas summer I’m a bit better. I’m so thankful for the fact that a lot of foundations nowadays have SPF in them and I’m always wearing foundation out.

If you are a person who bikes to school or work and home again, like to go for a run, maybe do some shopping and have sensitive skin it’s important to remember sunscreen all year around even during winter, maybe an SPF 15.

It’s also important to remember to use a good amount otherwise your SPF 15 will become SPF 7 or something like that. Unfortunately no science have shown how long a sunscreen will last on the skin and it’s individual. Always just use sunscreen right before going out in the sun!

Facts about the sun ...

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May Spending Ban!

 photo mayspendingban_zps9e2aa1b7.jpg

Hi everyone!

I feel like I have been spending a lot of money the last couple of months buying makeup and skincare from the internet that I’m now doing a spending ban. I have of course also been spending money during some shopping in real life, but I don’t really know where all my money went.

Have any of you been doing a spending ban recently and do you have any tips?

I have done so many hauls lately that I will now be doing some other posts here on the blog because of the spending ban. Last month was kind of a spending ban, but not really as I took a vacation to Malaga, which was actually where I used most money.

Please leave any help for me in the comments below!

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How to Backup Your Blog!

 photo Howtobackupyourblog_zpsa0a4944e.jpg

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to cover a subject of blogging, which is really important! I have an idea that this isn’t something people think about that often if they think about it at all and that’s to make a backup of your blog.

Sometimes things can go wrong on a blog, you could mess something up in the HTML or CSS, it could also be a hacker stealing your blog someday and you would lose everything.

Google Blogger Backup

If you use Google Blogger you can make a backup of you blog really fast and easy by going to settings -> other -> export blog and you will have a XML file with your blog ready to import to another blog.

 photo exportblogger_zps8c92e81b.jpg

I also like to keep a backup separated with my HTML and CSS just in case. It’s really handy with you are playing around with HTML and CSS and end up doing something, you can just use your backup files to restore everything.

 photo copycss_zpsaf9b59c9.png

Just go to your CSS and copy everything and then past it into a document on your computer...

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April Favorites 2014!

Hi everyone!

April is almost over and May is upon us! I’m so excited for summer approaching longer days and sunshine to come.

I don’t usually do monthly favorites because most of the time I stick to the same products. I haven’t done a favorite since January and I thought now was the time to do one again since I’m using some new products.

Base products

 photo aprilfavorites_zps114f8840.jpg

I started April with a little trip to Malaga where I got a sunburn, so ever since then I have been using a lot of my Marc Jacobs Dot body lotion, which smells so nice!

I have also been loving my Victoria Secret Body Spray a lot recently, maybe it’s because spring is upon us and I feel like doing a little more in the morning, but this product is definitely a favorite.

My Orofluido Beauty Elixir is almost empty and I have been using it after ever shower for my hair since I got it in December, it’s just amazing and I love the smell of it!

I also love my Elizabeth Arden deodorant, I just love the fresh smell and I love how it’s l...

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