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Update Your Home – Spring Cleaning!

Hi everyone!

Spring has arrived, I can’t believe it’s March already! With spring comes the annual spring cleaning, a way to make that a bit more fun is to get a few new bits for your home. An easy and inexpensive way to transform your home is to buy a few simple things like new bedding, shower curtains and cushions, to top everything get a great candle, this way you can keep the clean and fresh smell in your home a bit longer.


1. Shower Curtain | 2. Bed Sheets | 3. Cushions | 4. Candle

I found a few things that I really like. When it’s spring I want to pack away a few of the darker things in my home and get some light into my rooms.

I love the white shower curtain, this way the bathroom seems extra clean and light.

To bring extra light to the bedroom, get some light or white bed sheets. I really like beige as it won’t look dirty as quick as plain white.

Change a few cushions in your living room to give the room a new appearance every time you come home...

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Cleaning your makeup brushes

Do you remember to clean your brushes?

It’s important to clean them. You should probably do it once a week, but I only do it once a month. Your brushes are filled with bacteria from your skin and it can lead to breakouts as the bacteria built up!


When you clean your brushes make sure to keep the bristles facing down and don’t get water over the silver line because you don’t want water to run down to the glue and destroy your brushes. When they dry you should always remember that they have to lie down flat so the water don’t run down to the glue. The best way to dry your brushes are to have air on all sides of the bristles so it won’t get a bad smell from lying in water.

Wash the bristles in some kind of soap, but be careful with shampoo because it often has some kind of hair protection that can make your bristles less soft.

If you have brushes with lipstick, gel liner or cream blush on them, you can clean them with olive oil on a napkin and then clean them with soap afterwar...

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