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My Garnier BB Cream for Summer!

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Hi everyone!

As summer is upon us I have been changing a few things in my everyday makeup routine. When the weather is nice outside I don’t always feel like wearing a thick layer of foundation, so I have been using BB Cream instead.

I’m actually not a huge fan of BB creams and I don’t feel like they have good enough coverage, which is why I never got around using my entire bottle of Garnier BB cream from last year.

It might not be the best thing in the world to use an old BB cream, but we all have makeup we should throw out (at least I think we do)?

Getting the right coverage!

My skin is so bad right now that I actually went to the doctor to see if he could help. Even though my skin is really bad I have found a way to use my BB cream and still be satisfied with the coverage.

I start out with using the BB cream all over my face to even out my skin tone and then I move on to my Mac Select Cover Up concealer which covers all the imperfection and I finish off with my Rimmel Stay Mat...

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Mac Haul!

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Hi everyone!

I was so excited this weekend when my local Mac counter had 25% discount on all Mac products. I saw this as my opportunity to expand my Mac collection and try some new products. I don’t own much Mac and I still haven’t tried any of their lipsticks since I feel like my drugstore lipsticks are great and I don’t need any new colors.

Mac Concealers

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I had been looking at some of the Mac concealers. I already have Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer which I really like, but I think it’s a bit unhygienic that you either have to put your finger or brush down the concealer and then use it on a blemish whereafter you take some more concealer just to rub all the bacterias around in there, with your finger or brush again.

Mac Select Cover Up

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I have been struggling with really bad breakouts around my mouth for a couple of months now and thought about trying a concealer where you press the product out of the tube, which will minimize the bacterias...

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Mini Haul!

Hi everyone!


Yesterday I went out to get sushi and Starbucks with a friend and then I was by Boots of course. I needed a black eyeliner pencil since I didn’t bring any with me to London. I had read so much about Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner that I choose it. Boots had the offer; buy one, get second half price so I got the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer that everyone has been talking about.


I tried the two products this morning and so far I like them. I will say though that I haven’t figured the Rimmel eyeliner out yet since it’s so pigmented that I feel like it’s best for a smokey eye and not every day.

On my way home I just got to have the new Elle, did you see how thick it is! I also got a 25% off card to River Island; I really think that the 4 pounds I spend on the magazine can be saved in River Island!

How was the weekend for everyone else?

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