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How to Backup Your Blog!

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Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to cover a subject of blogging, which is really important! I have an idea that this isn’t something people think about that often if they think about it at all and that’s to make a backup of your blog.

Sometimes things can go wrong on a blog, you could mess something up in the HTML or CSS, it could also be a hacker stealing your blog someday and you would lose everything.

Google Blogger Backup

If you use Google Blogger you can make a backup of you blog really fast and easy by going to settings -> other -> export blog and you will have a XML file with your blog ready to import to another blog.

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I also like to keep a backup separated with my HTML and CSS just in case. It’s really handy with you are playing around with HTML and CSS and end up doing something, you can just use your backup files to restore everything.

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Just go to your CSS and copy everything and then past it into a document on your computer...

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