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New season – New clothes!

Hi everyone!

I have been looking around on a couple of fashion webshops recently. Fashion week is on full right now and we all know what that means. It’s time to upgrade our wardrobe with some knew styles!

It’s always nice to have a mix of affordable fashion statements and then invest in some good fashion pieces that last through seasons. has some pretty cool styles with a mix of everyday clothes and then some really cool designer clothes. I like that they have Vivienne Westwood, she makes everyday classic a little bit cooler. also has a lot of clothes that’s at affordable prices, so it’s easy to switch things up more often and at the same time with the designer clothes to invest in, it’s easy to invest and still have some fun things.

simons also has some cool stuff. I like the edgy twist and the mix between new things and vintage clothes.


As you can see I have really been liking everything black lately, it’s always class...

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New In: Asos Sandals!

 photo newsandals_zps52b3ef49.jpg

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to share my new sandals! This might seem a bit weird, but I’m not good at finding shoes during summer I’m more of a winter and boots kind of girl.

This post is also a bit different from my usual blogposts as it’s more fashion related than beauty related.

I have an idea or plan to make some more fashion blogposts later on this year (I hope), I just need to find the confident to do it and actually feel like my outfits are worth showing.

I bought my sandals of Asos and it’s my first ever Asos buy, so I can now officially be called a blogger because I feel like every blogger always find their things on Asos.

 photo asossandals_zps6bca51fd.jpg

 photo newasossandals_zps8513857f.jpg

I bought these shoes in a size 3 and they are the perfect size and comfortable walking in. Does anyone have any advice for buying clothes from Asos, I’m not good at buying clothes online because I never know which size to choose?

What do you think of the sandals?

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