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OOTD: A Little Walk!

Hi everyone!

My new design has been live for two days now and people seems to like it, so thank you! I also got some new “profile” pictures for my sidebar and about page to go with my new theme.

Today I’m doing another OOTD (or actually yesterday) and I’m really proud of myself for doing it. I still feel awkward in front of the camera, but you learn by doing so that’s what I’m going for.

I was out for a little walk with my mom and the weather kept changing between sun and clouds so it was really hard to dress for it. I got my mom to shoot a couple of outfit photos and I hope you like it.

Shoes: Monki || Trouser: H&M || Top: Gina Tricot || Bag: H&M

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Jewelry Haul!

We have finally gotten some sun here in Denmark, which is wonderful! Today I was out looking for some of the more practical things for my London trip, but I also bought some jewelry, so here goes my first haul!

First of, I bought a small makeup remover and a mouthwash. These will be great to have when I arrive in London before I get my hands on something bigger. I also just ran out of waterproof makeup remover here in Denmark so I really just needed something small.


Then I was in Gina Tricot and they had a big sale with 75% of almost all of their jewelry so I bought just a bit because I really didn’t want to use too much since I can’t bring everything with me to London.


I bought these small bracelet with some color on them so they are a bit more festive and a pair of earrings. The total costs of the jewelry were around 5-6 pounds, which I think is a good price.

What are you all up to this weekend?

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