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Why Nofollow Links Are Important!

Hi everyone!

Yesterday there was an entire #fblchat dedicated to different blogging aspects of the law. This chat also included the attribute rel=nofollow which got a lot of people confused and nervous so I decided to do a blogpost on the subject clearing things up a bit.

What are nofollow links?

First, of all the rel=nofollow attribute is not something you are legally obligated to use, it’s an attribute for search engines. The point of the rel=nofollow attribute is to tell Google not to follow a specific link.

Google is crawling links on different websites to find the best search result for us users. This means that a website with a lot of links on the web might get a higher pagerank, this is why companies want to pay you to link their website on your blog. When you link a website let’s say you are telling Google that this website is to be trusted and that you like it.

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Why you should use nofollow links!

There are a couple of reasons why you should rel=nofollow on some of y...

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How To – Favicon in WordPress!

Hi everyone!

Today is another blogging tip post. I recently did one about making your Google Blogger shine where one of the tips were having a favicon. A favicon is the little logo you see in the fan of your browser. Christina Thorup suggested that I did one for WordPress too.


Since everyone has a different WordPress theme there will never be a correct answer to how to do it in WordPress. I was really lucky that my theme had a setting for favicon included, but if you aren’t as lucky you can do it by a plugin!

First go to “add new plugin” and search for favicon. You will get a lot of different plugins and they all kinds of do the same thing. I choose the “All in One Favicon” which can take PNG, GIF and ICO files so you just have to make an icon and then upload it.


I just uploaded mine in the Frontend part and choose save, you don’t need to worry about the rest of the settings this should be fine.


That was it! Let me know if it works and if you have other ideas for blogg...

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3 Tips For Google Blogger’s To Think About!


Today is three tips for Google Bloggers that can make a difference in how much response you get from your readers. Blogging Language, commenting system and domain name are three factors to think about for every blog! I hope you will find these suggestions helpful and please feel free to ask any questions.


Think about what language your blog’s settings are sat till! If you want to blog in English and attract people from all around the world, but you are from Spain and that’s the language your blog settings are sat till, than it will make it hard for people from the rest of the world to understand things like commenting on your blog, which will be in Spanish.



Think about your commenting system, is it really necessary to make people type in those letters and numbers to comment on your blog? When I had a Google Blogger blog I didn’t use any of the approve comments or letters and numbers system before people wrote a comments, because you never see that on “famous” bl...

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How To: Permalinks In WordPress


Hi people!

Today is going to be about permalinks in WordPress. When you start a Google Blogger blog, you are sure that Google know your blog and will try to make it search friendly. When you start a WordPress blog, then it’s your own job to do these things. One thing you can do is to look at your permalinks. When people search for something on Google like “About Tanja Mortensen” then Google crawl links and try to find something that looks similar to the search. This is where permalinks are important! How should Google know what is? If it’s called, then Google will know this site has something to do with about Tanja Mortensen. This doesn’t solve all SEO problems, but will make a start.

How to change your permalinks

Go to your settings, permalinks and then choose a way to show your post-URL or decided for yourself like I did, I made mine

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How To Make Your Google Blogger Stand Out!


There are thousands of blogger/blogspots blogs out there and every time you read comments on a blog there are comments with blogsports blogs. So how do you stand out from all the other blogs when people are opening all the different links in different fanes in their browser?


You can do two small things right now and it doesn’t take a long time. First, you should change your favicon, favicon is the little logo in the fane from a website. All of Google’s blogger have a blogger favicon from default, but it’s really easy to change. From your dashboard click on layout and then favicon, upload a little logo you made. I have a little round pink circle with a T in it and it’s 32px by 32px.






You should also think about removing the little navbar as Google calls it, it’s a way to navigate through different blogs hosted by Google, but it doesn’t do you any good. It’s not pretty, it makes your site look like all the others, and it isn’t that hard to remove...

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Blogger vs. WordPress


Hi lovely people!

Today is going to be my first post for the blogging tips series. I’m going to start out with “Blogger vs. WordPress” as the title says. All of you who are reading this right now are probably already blogging so that’s why I’m focusing on WordPress vs. Blogger. Remember this is all based on my experience with both WordPress and Blogger and some people might see it different.

Google blogger

Google’s blogger is the easiest way to go if you are totally new and don’t know a thing about the internet. Blogger’s newest design makes it easy to navigate and there are a lot of free things and help to be found on the internet. Blogger also provides some things as site statics, SEO and an account to comments on other people’s blog that leads right back to your blog.


WordPress has to different ways to start a blog, a free one and a paid self-hosted one...

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Blogging Tips Series


A new week has begun and I have decided on trying to do some different posts this week. I know I’m new in the blogger world and don’t have much experience within the area. Since I’m studying Multimedia Design & Communication I do have some knowledge in this field and that’s why I want to do a little series where I post some tips for new bloggers, but hopefully also some tips for some of the bloggers who have been doing this for a while.

I have been blogging once before using Google’s blogspot ( and right now I’m using WordPress CMS to manage this blog so I have a little experience with both systems.

As you can see I have started this blog, but I have also helped Christina Thorup setting up her blog and I own where you can see my portfolio if you are curious.

My plan is to write about everything from blogger systems, SEO, Google analytics, themes, marketing, domain names, design, coding, etc.




I hope you will be interested ...

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