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Spring & Summer Nail Polishes!

Hi everyone!

Today I really wanted to do a blogpost on some of the spring and summer nail polishes I think everyone should own. I don’t think you should have exactly same nail polishes as I do, but just some in the same color range.

The Perfect Green

I definitely think everyone should have a gorgeous green pastel color. I have Essie Apple Mint Candy, which I love! I’m a huge fan of green and this color just covers everything you need for good weather and a happy day!

Going for Pink

I also think people should have pink nail polish to brighten up every look. I have Essie Lovie Dovie and I’m so happy with it, the perfect hot pink nail polish!

Staying with the pink tones I think a nude kind of pink is great too. It’s a nice color to have on your nails and it will work with everything outfit you choose. I have Tanya Burr Mini Marshmallows, which is the perfect color for me and my skin tone.

The Purple & Blue

A purple color is a must for me too...

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Mani Monday – Ombre Summer Nails

Happy Monday everyone. I’m going to start the week of with a little mani tutorial for ombre nails with summer colors. I hope you will all like it!


You are going to need two fun nail colors and a sponge. I was in a hurry so I didn’t use a base or a top coat, but I would advice you to do it for a better finish.



Paint your nails with one color, just a tip: use the lightest color as a base for better coverage when your are using the next color.



Take an old magazine and pour some nail polish on it, using the sponge dip it in the polish and make sure it’s a thin layer on the sponge, for the best result.



Dap nail polish on the tip of your nails and you are done!



This step is optional, but you can clean the edges from the sponge with some nail polish remover.



My finished result, hope you liked. Leave a comment below telling me what you think.

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