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Matrix Exquisite Oil Review!

Hi everyone!

So I’m one of those people who just can’t live without hair oil! Ever since hair oils came out and they suddenly became a big thing I was hooked.

I have tried a couple of different ones and I have to say my favorite so far is the Orofluido Beauty Elixir! It has the perfect texture, doesn’t make my fair greasy or heavy and it smells wonderful!

I have never tried the most famous of all hair oils, the Moroccanoil as I always thought it was a bit too expensive and then I read this blogpost from The Cupid Bow about the silicon in Moroccanoil and now I don’t want to try it.

The Matrix Exquisite Oil

I recently bought the Matrix Exquisite Oil on sale from Beautybay 50% off and have been using it ever since. The smell is again lovely (not as good as the Orofluido one) and it’s really easy to use as it comes with a little pump.

I do feel that I need to think about how much I use of this as my hair sometimes get a bit greasy from it and heavy, which is such a downside.


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My Haircare Routine!

Hi everyone!

Today I thought I would do a little haircare routine blogpost. My haircare routine at the moment is a bit over the top as I’m trying to get through some products to make room for some new. 

Heat and UV Protection

I do my haircare routine when I get out of the shower and my hair is still wet. I start by using Tresemme Heat Protection spray and then I use Senscience Brilliant Defense Protective Shine Spray, which is an UV protection spray I add during summer.

I wouldn’t want to be without my Tresemme Heat Protection because I really feel like it makes such a difference, but I don’t know about the Senscience Protective Spray it feels and smells amazing, but I’m not sure it makes a difference, so I probably won’t be repurchasing it.

I then add my Matthew James Leave in Hair Mask this product feels great, but it’s one of those products I just want to use up and I won’t be repurchasing it.

Hair Oil and Scalp Relief

I then add my Orofluido Beauty Elixir, which i...

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Orofluido Review!

Hi everyone!

Do you know the brand Orofluido? It’s not as famous as other hair brands, like Macademia and Moroccanoil, but it’s good and that’s why I decided to a review on it today. A couple of years ago I got a little tester of the hair oil and it was actually my first ever try with hair oils. Now a few years later, I decided to invest in the full size shampoo, conditioner and hair oil and I’m so glad I did!


Perfect for dry scalp

I have been struggling with really dry scalp almost my entire life, I have tried different expensive hair care like Redken for dry scalp, KMS, Macadamia, BIO+ and Kérastase and nothing ever helped. In the end I got a shampoo from my doctor, which definitely took the worst, but it still wasn’t perfect. After getting Orofluido my scalp is finally in peace, I don’t have dry scalp anymore!


Ingredients in Orofludio

The Orofludio bottles are a beautiful gold color and the liquid inside is a beautiful gold color...

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