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H&M Jewelry Haul!

Hi everyone!

I know it’s not that long ago I did a jewelry haul and now I’m already doing one again. The summer sale is full on and I have been shopping in H&M as their sale has been crazy. I got two pair of pants down from £25 to only £3 and a really pretty fringe bag down from £18 to £5 and I just love the fringe trend!

Crazy Jewelry Sale

H&M’s jewelry sale was crazy as well, which is why I bought a couple of things. I have already been using these jewelries everyday since I bought them.

I got these gold earrings on sale from £7 to only £1 and I just love the summer feeling they have.

I also got this matching set of a necklace and a bracelet again on sale for £1 each.

The last thing I got was this statement necklace on sale from £8 to only £1.

What have you been buying this summer sale? Have you seen the Ashley Benson collection I just love it!

Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by H&M nor do I work there. I just really like their things and sale!

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Erbs Denmark Jewelry Haul!

Hi everyone!

Today is a little jewelry haul, it’s been a while since I have done a haul. This week I went to a huge sale at a Danish brand named Erbs Denmark. They make sunglasses, accessorizes, bags, scarves and underwear and I always got compliments whenever I was wearing their jewelry while living in London.

I ended up with two statement necklaces, a few rings and a pair of earrings. I always wanted to wear more statement necklaces so I invested in two I think can be used for everyday and a party.

Statement Necklaces

The first one is a gold necklace, I think is perfect for everyday as it isn’t to girly, but it’s also perfect to give an edgy feeling to a fancy party outfit. It also goes well with the rings and the earrings I bought.

The second necklace is a grey kind of necklace, which I again think is perfect for everyday as well as a party outfit.

Gold Ringes

I also got a few rings and they go so well together when wearing all of them at the same time...

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Mac Haul!

 photo machaulpackaging_zps84e45d23.jpg

 photo machaul_zpse47b62ae.jpg

Hi everyone!

I was so excited this weekend when my local Mac counter had 25% discount on all Mac products. I saw this as my opportunity to expand my Mac collection and try some new products. I don’t own much Mac and I still haven’t tried any of their lipsticks since I feel like my drugstore lipsticks are great and I don’t need any new colors.

Mac Concealers

 photo macselectcover-up_zps5f234da8.jpg

I had been looking at some of the Mac concealers. I already have Mac Studio Sculpt Concealer which I really like, but I think it’s a bit unhygienic that you either have to put your finger or brush down the concealer and then use it on a blemish whereafter you take some more concealer just to rub all the bacterias around in there, with your finger or brush again.

Mac Select Cover Up

 photo macselectcover-upconcealer_zpsf77eb673.jpg

I have been struggling with really bad breakouts around my mouth for a couple of months now and thought about trying a concealer where you press the product out of the tube, which will minimize the bacterias...

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The Body Shop Haul!

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do a little haul. I have never been into The Body Shop’s products even though a couple of my friends love them. I tried some of the makeup and the brushes from them at a friend’s house and I really hated the things, they were also a bit expensive compared to a lot of products (at least in Denmark). After joining one of the #bbloggers chat where everyone was talking about the Overnight Vitamin E Serum I finally decided to try some face products (besides the cleansing balm I got from Christmas).

 photo thebodyshophaul_zps1aa8bd6b.jpg

I went online and bought everything because the discount online is a lot better than buying in store and then I got free delivery so it was just a better deal.

Overnight Vitamin E Serum

 photo thebodyshopvitamineserum_zpsf9c586e7.jpg

I of course bought the Overnight Vitamin E Serum that everyone was talking about and so far I really like it. I have a couple of red spots around my face so I really hope the Vitamin E will work on them...

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Feelunique Haul and L’oreal Outlet

 photo feeluniquehaul_zps4607bab9.jpg

Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to do a little haul. I recently did some shopping on Feelunique when I saw the Orofluido shampoo and conditioner were in a value pack for only 12 pounds! I just did an Orofluido Review on these products because I love them so much.

Orofluido Products

Real Techniques Brush

Now that I was shopping on the website I decided to buy the Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush. I’m a huge fan of Real Techniques brushes and I did some reviews on those too. If you are interested I have a review on the Duo-Fiber Collection, the Starter Set and the Core Collection. I also own the stippling brush, blush brush, setting brush and powder brush which I love so that’s why I just had to try some of the new brushes, I could only justify buying the lip brush since I didn’t have one before.

 photo realtechniquesretractablelipbrush_zps10ecc350.jpg

 photo realtechniqueslipbrush_zps45625037.jpg

 photo realtechniquesretractableseries_zpsaa575231.jpg

L’oreal Outlet

During the weekend I went to an outlet in my city in Denmark where L’oreal had a big outlet selling all kinds of products and I decided to finally try their foundations...

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H&M Haul and Concert Tickets

Hi lovely people!
Here goes another haul! I was at the library today to pick up Insurgent which I told you in my last book review The Perks of Being a Wallflower that I would be reading as my next book.

Afterwards I was at H&M to see all their sales and I found to small things I just got to have, first this cute hat which was 2,5 pounds (before 13,5 pounds) and an Ipad case which was about one pound (before eight pounds), I think they were great offers!



I also bought a ticket to see The Pretty Reckless at the Electric Ballroom in London on August 22nd since I will be London anyway and it’s close to my internship. Well, now I just hope that the ticket will arrive before I leave for London, and if you know anyone who are going alone too then please tell me in the comments below.

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Jewelry Haul!

We have finally gotten some sun here in Denmark, which is wonderful! Today I was out looking for some of the more practical things for my London trip, but I also bought some jewelry, so here goes my first haul!

First of, I bought a small makeup remover and a mouthwash. These will be great to have when I arrive in London before I get my hands on something bigger. I also just ran out of waterproof makeup remover here in Denmark so I really just needed something small.


Then I was in Gina Tricot and they had a big sale with 75% of almost all of their jewelry so I bought just a bit because I really didn’t want to use too much since I can’t bring everything with me to London.


I bought these small bracelet with some color on them so they are a bit more festive and a pair of earrings. The total costs of the jewelry were around 5-6 pounds, which I think is a good price.

What are you all up to this weekend?

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