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Mini Haul!

Hi everyone!


Yesterday I went out to get sushi and Starbucks with a friend and then I was by Boots of course. I needed a black eyeliner pencil since I didn’t bring any with me to London. I had read so much about Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner that I choose it. Boots had the offer; buy one, get second half price so I got the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer that everyone has been talking about.


I tried the two products this morning and so far I like them. I will say though that I haven’t figured the Rimmel eyeliner out yet since it’s so pigmented that I feel like it’s best for a smokey eye and not every day.

On my way home I just got to have the new Elle, did you see how thick it is! I also got a 25% off card to River Island; I really think that the 4 pounds I spend on the magazine can be saved in River Island!

How was the weekend for everyone else?

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Brick Lane Market!

I finally had time to go to the Brick Lane market! If you don’t know what Brick Lane market is, it is on Brick Lane (East London) every Sunday. Brick Lane is such a cool place with street art, vintage shops and so many sub cultures.

Everyone knows Portobello Market in Notting Hill, which is also really cool, but now that I have been at both, I have to say the one on Brick Lane is so much cooler and I would recommend that over Portobello.

It’s not that Portobello isn’t a great place, but there are so many tourists and I felt like every little shop was the same so I didn’t see much new as a went down the street. Brick Lane market is not as crowded, it has more culture and the shops are just better in my opinion.




brick lane market

brick lane market 1

brick lane market 2

brick lane market 3

brick lane market 4

brick lane market 5

brick lane market 6

Have you ever been to Brick Lane market, Portobello or both?

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London Blogger Meetup

Today has been so much fun. I went to the London Blogger Meetup arranged by Sophie etc. We all meet at Piccadilly Circus, went out shopping and at 2pm we all got something to eat at The Diner.

Here are some of the pictures I took from the day with all the girls. I also linked all the blogger URLs I got from the meetup at the end.

blogger meet up london 11

blogger meet up london 10

blogger meet up london 9

blogger meet up london 8

blogger meet up london 7

blogger meet up london 6

blogger meet up london 5

blogger meet up london 4

blogger meet up london 3

blogger meet up london 2

blogger meet up london 1

blogger meet up london

Do you follow any of these bloggers?

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Real Techniques Brushes Review!

Hi everyone!

I have been so busy this weekend! I love being in London, but I don’t have much time for anything else than the city and work. There is a reason why they don’t have internet and mobiles in Sex and the City there are just not enough hours in a day for sleeping, seeing the city and still be connected.

I was in Westerfield in Stratford yesterday with a friend and they had all the right beauty places! Boots, Superdrug, Kiko Makeup Milano, Lush and The Body Shop. I was in all the stores except for The Body Shop I know this is weird, but I have never been a fan of its products.

They had buy two Real Techniques items and get one half price, so of course I did. I really wanted to get the core collection and the starter set since I came to London, and I already had the stippling brush which I love.



The core collection has four brushes...

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A Day In London’s Parks!


London was so beautiful yesterday so I was out and taking pictures of the nature. It was so hot that I thought I would die because I didn’t bring summer cloth with me so that was a disaster!

I went out to see the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in Kensington Gardens and that’s where I saw this beautiful Italian Garden!





Here is the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion that I wanted to see, it was absolutely beautiful!




I also got around to see London Eye and Big Ben and there were so many tourists!



Then I saw this thing for the Women of World War 2 which I think is so cool, it’s not often you see something for the women of the war.



At last I found the way to Queen Mary’s Gardens and saw this cool elephant.




Have you been to any of these attraction?

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First Day In London!

I made it to London! I just ran around like a crazy person the first day (I have no sense of direction) which made me so tired. The day went with traveling, figuring out transportation and buying all the things from Boots that I didn’t take with me. I found my way to Oxford Street where I found a Vero Moda which made me feel at home since it’s a Danish brand I also live near a Tiger which reminds me of Denmark too.

Today I’m going out to find where I will be working next week and I’m also just going to act like a tourist around town.


A little evening walk around to find some food.


The room I’m living in with two other girls.


After some time spend in Boots to get makeup remover, shampoo, conditioner, hand gel, dry shampoo and other small stuff.



If someone from London reads this, can you just explain the busses here, it’s so confusing!


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Today Is The Day – London!

Today is the day I’m going to London, actually when you are read this, I have already landed in London. I don’t know how much wifi I will have, but I will try to blog about all my new adventures and I have my fingers crossed for a good internet connection!

I hope you will follow along!


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The Pretty Reckless Concert In London!

I’m so excited that my ticket for The Pretty Reckless’s show at the Electric Ballroom in London has arrived, I was really nervous about getting it before I leave next Monday, so that’s a huge relived!


Are anyone else going?

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Goodbye Party – Hello London


I hope you all had a great weekend like I did!

I had a “goodbye” party yesterday with friends and family. I didn’t call it my goodbye party, but just an annually barbecue party for the people on my street. We had a lot of fun with a small “Hawaii” theme with decoration, barbecue, alcohol and music and I was really surprised that I got some presents including a London book from my family.








Today Christina Thorup and I had a little trip shopping (Christina got a lovely Mac Lipstick and I’m sure there will be a review on her blog soon) and getting some food where I got a postcard from her vacation, this was our last little day before I leave. London is now getting close!



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