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SEO Guide for WordPress

Hi everyone!

This blogpost is a bit late, but here it finally is; SEO Guide for WordPress! I already did a blogpost for people using Google Blogger and an introduction for SEO if you are interested in that.

With WordPress you don’t have the advantage of Google already knowing your blog, so you have to do some work for it to be noticed. I downloaded two plugins, but you could probably do it all with one plugin I just like both for different things.

All in One SEO

The first plugin is All in One SEO, which I use for my Google Analytics tracking code in and it’s also where I gave my blog it’s title, meta description and keywords.

Go to Plugins -> Search All in One SEO -> Install

all in one seo plugin

Now you are ready to use the plugin. I would keep most of the things as they are, except write the title, meta description and keywords as mention and then you have some fields for Google Analytics, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.

blog title and description

Yoast SEO

The second plugin is Yoast SEO, this is probably the one you will use ...

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How To: Permalinks In WordPress


Hi people!

Today is going to be about permalinks in WordPress. When you start a Google Blogger blog, you are sure that Google know your blog and will try to make it search friendly. When you start a WordPress blog, then it’s your own job to do these things. One thing you can do is to look at your permalinks. When people search for something on Google like “About Tanja Mortensen” then Google crawl links and try to find something that looks similar to the search. This is where permalinks are important! How should Google know what is? If it’s called, then Google will know this site has something to do with about Tanja Mortensen. This doesn’t solve all SEO problems, but will make a start.

How to change your permalinks

Go to your settings, permalinks and then choose a way to show your post-URL or decided for yourself like I did, I made mine

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How To Make Your Google Blogger Stand Out!


There are thousands of blogger/blogspots blogs out there and every time you read comments on a blog there are comments with blogsports blogs. So how do you stand out from all the other blogs when people are opening all the different links in different fanes in their browser?


You can do two small things right now and it doesn’t take a long time. First, you should change your favicon, favicon is the little logo in the fane from a website. All of Google’s blogger have a blogger favicon from default, but it’s really easy to change. From your dashboard click on layout and then favicon, upload a little logo you made. I have a little round pink circle with a T in it and it’s 32px by 32px.






You should also think about removing the little navbar as Google calls it, it’s a way to navigate through different blogs hosted by Google, but it doesn’t do you any good. It’s not pretty, it makes your site look like all the others, and it isn’t that hard to remove...

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